Simple and Dynamic Social Media Marketing :: Thank you Kardashian’s

We have all been told that every business should have a blog.  For starters, blogs let customers know your business is alive, well and on top of the latest trends.  They provide fuel for your own and other people’s social media postings.  And Google certainly rewards frequently updated content with higher search results, especially when other sites link back to your source.  That being said, clients have told me I’m quick to draw content ideas.  Some may be junk, but I always have an abundance of topics to sort through at a moments notice, dialing what is post-worthy.

On the contrary, clients have told me that they have a really hard time coming up with engaging ideas to keep their social media and email campaigns compelling.  Content creation is stressful (often times leading to a large consumption of wine), time consuming and come out forced.

Where do I get my content ideas?

It’s simple.  Everywhere!  Most of my ideas come from listening to clients.  But they also come from colleagues, industry peers, the news and sometimes out of nowhere.  What separates me from struggling clients is that I have learned how to notice and chronicle my ideas quickly.  I never ignore them as they are often fleeting and definitely priceless.

The idea for this blog post came to me while I was dining out in Park City and saw the Kardashian family.  My first thought was that they are all absolutely beautiful!  But also, that their personal style’s were lovely, too- simple and dynamic.  Simple and dynamic!  Now we are talking social media marketing…  knowing that I’d forget my idea in the next 2.67 seconds, I immediately text myself.  Then continued on with my life.  I don’t know about you, but I’m most happy when I’m solving tough business issues for my clients and/or living my life.  Not staring at a computer trying to think up content ideas.

Months later, after taking time out to build a new website (the one you are reading), I needed fresh content ideas.  Had I never text myself about the Kardashian inspiration, this blog would seize to exist.

Content is the most compelling when it’s cultivated from an organic source.  Evolving your social media marketing campaign by jotting down pieces of information from everyday conversations with peers and clients, and influential blogs, news articles and miscellaneous sources.

Good ideas never come from staring at your screen or endlessly searching the web for content to farm.  Open your mind to observation.  When any idea develops, seemingly good or bad, jot it down.  Evolving creative content ideas is much easier with a portfolio of ideas to choose from.


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