Who We Are

Volo is a hospitality consulting firm that is passionate about helping vacation rental owners/managers, boutique travel experiences (read glamping- yurts, tree houses, airstream trailers) and hotels achieve maximum occupancy & profits through coaching, teaching industry secrets and strengthening your hospitality knowledge for exceptional guest service.

With competition at an all-time high, success is contingent on your ability to capture the attention of travelers (to get inquiries and bookings), to deliver on your promised experience consistently (from your first interaction through departure), and to ‘wow’ them (for repeat visits!)

Many owners need help developing the critical pieces of their business to ensure they cash flow and managers (hotel GM’s & property managers both) often don’t have the time for laser-focused analysis to assess optimal positioning, operations refinement or to help the VR owners get the home ready before management takes over.

Volo is an expert in getting bookings with quality guests, at the best possible prices and building retention through branding & operations:

  • Well conceptualized brands set clear expectations of what your property offers.
  • Dialed operations enhances your experience and creates consistency.
  • Helps to prevent over-promising.  If you are unable to deliver, expect negative reviews.
  • We make your experience memorable and fun!

A defined brand takes the worry away from travelers and describes what you are and what you are not. Your brand also defines your guest, making it easier to exceed their expectations and gain repeat visits (creating ‘wows’ or ‘memory moments’).

We develop a brand reflective of your guest and opportunities in the market for maximum profit. Then, we improve your guest experience through operations development. We help you find ways to drive revenue.

Basically, we can teach you every aspect of the industry or help you solve one specific problem.

Kris Getzie’s experience working for Target Corporation (among others) has honed her ability to build your capabilities and skyrocket business performance. Her experience as a vacation rental owner specifically, enables her to teach you how to achieve long-term success in this competitive industry, however small or large your home.

We love what we do and are passionate about teaching our clients how to lead the on-going work with success! We are happy to assist you as needed for an hour, day, week or project.