5 Reasons To Love Being A Vacation Rental Host

5 Reasons To Love Being A Vacation Rental Host was written for Tripping by Volo.

1. Giving Money to the Local Economy

There are many studies that prove buying from independent and locally owned businesses have a compound effect on the communities in which they exist and their tax base.

The reason is that a substantially larger portion of your money spent is then used to make additional purchases from other local businesses, service providers and farmers (which will also reduce the environmental impact!).

Even if you aren’t a full-time resident where your vacation rental is, when setting up your business, think local and buy local when you can. It will enhance your business by way of a stronger and more attractive community.

2.Supporting the Preservation of Beautiful Locations

Cities that make efforts to preserve historic structures tend to be pedestrian/environmentally friendly (because of the time of their design), sustainable, and hold a high esthetic and economic value as they are places people want to live, invest in, and travel to.

They evoke a connection and are just good for your soul.

St. Augustine, FL, for example, was founded in 1565 and has structures dating back to the 1600’s- it’s considered one of the oldest cities in America. In 1999, Florida’s Department of Transportation deemed that one of America’s most unique bridges here was structurally unsound. An easy fix was to tear the bridge down but leaders and preservationists put forth a $77 million dollar effort to save the bridge as historic structures are a core value to residents and huge draw for tourists. Kudos, St. Augustine.

If you are looking for a new vacation rental, I wholeheartedly suggest buying historic or in a city that prioritizes tax funds to preservation and its natural resources.

3.Unique Experiences

“When people go on vacation they generally seek out destinations that offer them the sense of being someplace, not just anyplace.” Richard Moe, President, National Historic Preservation Trust.

Tourists want to feel local, albeit for a temporary amount of time.

One-of-a-kind vacation rental homes and service providers are what make locations distinctive and full of character. Small businesses (and your home!) have the ability to choose products that create a special experience, based on your own interests and needs of your guests; not on a national sales plan.

One of the best reasons to be a vacation rental host.

4.Local History

History is what grounds us and helps us better understand the world. So, seduce your guests with your town’s dynamic past! You don’t need a museum quality history presentation; opt for historic pictures throughout, blurbs of the famous (or scandalous) patrons of your home or street, and a sense of its story.

5.You Have a Profound Impact On Guests’ Lives

Think about it, most people are overworked and disconnected. They are just trying to make it through the chaos of life with one week of vacation being the yearly opportunity to check-out.

This business can provide additional income and eventually more life flexibility for owners. For guests, it provides a spectacular opportunity to connect with a location and those most important in your life.

The most successful owners are invested and truly care about creating an authentic experience, something unobtainable at a hotel chain (only you can show people around your home and town, your way).

This post was written by Kris Getzie

Kris Getzie Hospitality Consultant

How Owning a Vacation Rental Will Make You Happy!

I think this article is great for those thinking about pursuing their vacation rental and hospitality dreams! Our thoughts on each point:

1. Make Good Friends :: Some of my dearest friendships have been formed by meeting people in this business (through clients, managing my own properties or working with my family’s vacation rentals over the past decade).

2. Thankfulness :: This industry has changed my life. For that, I’m forever thankful. As will you!

3. Pursue Goals :: If your dream is to have more financial freedom and flexibility, buying a vacation rental property can help bring that to fruition. Today’s the day to start taking steps toward transforming your life (if you haven’t already)!

4. Do What You Excel In :: If you don’t think you have the needed skills to excel as a vacation rental owner, Volo can help! We will give you the tools to drive your business profits through building a strong brand and differentiated experience.

5. Give :: Volo provides pro-bono work to non-profits in the voluntourism sector!

6. Don’t Chase ‘Stuff’ :: I once felt alone in a rat-race. I worked too many hours, spend too little time with my family and buying more nice ‘things’ didn’t make me complete. A remarkable change happened when I started looking at money differently and I began chasing my dreams, not things… I’m the happiest I’ve ever been!

7. Live the Life You Want :: Be courageous! If your dream is to own vacation rentals or create a specialized vacation experience, do it! You can achieve financial freedom if proper care is given. I’ve never once regretted taking my life back…