Our People

Kris Getzie | Founder & Principal Consultant

For more than a decade, Kris has been a leader in the hospitality, retail and non-profit space developing distinctive brands, elevating guest experiences & building profitable business models through understanding niche markets and operational analysis.

As much as she loves strategy, her heart is with mobilizing talent (in an individual or team). This passion is the backbone of Volo’s client success and she has given many independent property owners the tools to take control of their businesses, dramatically improve performance and gain life balance.

While earning her degrees, a BS in Economics and MA in International Leadership, Kris cultivated a deep sense of social responsibility and was accepted into multiple PhD programs to study International Development. Although academia isn’t her life’s pursuit, she regularly works with developing countries as responsible tourism can profoundly impact their circumstances.

Her parents owned successful boutique hotels and vacation rentals for nearly twenty years, which has given her extensive experience understanding how to be profitable and sustainable. She teaches every secret; including how she achieved 100% off season occupancy at her own properties, a milestone for any hospitality business.

Kris is a regular blogger for Tripping.com and wrote Vacation Rentals For Newbies, an introduction on what new vacation rental owners can expect.

She is from Wisconsin but now lives in Park City, Utah with her two kids and dog, Gunner. She can be found glob-trotting, on the mountain or enjoying life.

Interviews: Park City TV | Dwellable | Mountain Money | US News & World Report

Kris Getzie Vacation Rental Hospitality Consultant


Julia McCracken | Marketing Maven

Julia, a New Jersey native, is a marketing maven who has been a leader in the digital and event marketing world since earning her degree in Economics with a concentration in Game Theory from Rutgers University.

She has been fortunate enough to travel to all corners of the globe for both pleasure and business, and finds that the exposure to new cultures and ways of life to be the single most important contributing factor to her personal growth.

Julia has spent the past decade gaining vast experience working in the hospitality, music, non-profit, educational and publishing industries. Her specialty in marketing is creating a personal and emotional connection between a brand and it’s customers, promoting brand advocacy and building a strong lifetime relationship.

She spends her free time snowboarding, biking and reading with her fiance’ and cats in her adopted hometown of Park City, UT and volunteering for various animal welfare and literacy organizations. Follow her on Twitter @JuliaAMcCracken.

Director of Marketing

Cori M. Hildebrandt | Volo Blogger, Globe-Trotter & Therapist

Cori has traveled extensively and has experienced many unique vacation rentals, boutique hotels, campgrounds and hostels. We are lucky to have her musing posted on our blog. Income property owners will also learn a lot from her insights on authentic destinations (posted under Wanderlust).

She is a lover of variety, simple pleasures, gathering pearls of joy, and wandering this big, bad, beautiful earth. Cori has been known to take quantum leaps when it feels right and is investing in a lifestyle vision of freedom, flexibility, connection, and belonging.

Cori measures a good day by her level of productivity and amusement. When not dreaming about her next big adventure or vicariously living through someone else’s travel planning, she can be found playing psychotherapist, mediating, meditating, planning for the launch of her upcoming business, dabbling in small adventures, or drooling over anything related to creative, quality food.