Hotel Pasatiempo

Throughout childhood (and predominately still), I was surrounded by a Monday through Friday, forty-hour American workweek model. I will never forget the moment of realization that one does not need to work a 9-5 job, settling for only a few weeks of vacation a year and a one-hour lunch break!

It was Spring Break 2001; I was on a trip to Costa Rica with three housemates. We were staying in Playa Tamarindo at Hotel Pasatiempo, a quaint, quirky boutique hotel.

It was 9am and I was waiting by the pool for my friends to venture into the one-main-drag-dirt-road town,sandwiched between surf shops and the Pacific.

The owner a middle-aged, sun weathered, gentleman from the Dakotas was dressed in board shorts, lit cigarette dangling from his lip, net in hand, and waist deep in the pool skimming out bugs and leaves.

He basically looked at me and said, “Hey, this is the life. I went through a rough divorce, liquidated my retirement funds, and left the US.” He looked pleased and happy, connected to being in the moment. He talked about buying land, building bungalows one-by-one, slowly building his hospitality business.

This man never wore shoes from what I observed and something about his life appealed to me. He was free, he was his own boss, he was peaceful, and he had time to genuinely connect with others.

Attached to the hotel he had a sweet little bar and restaurant, which was the most popular in town, hotel guests, locals, and other travelers gathered to share food, drinks, and nightly open mic sessions. It was simple and brilliant!

What is your ideal vision of flexibility, financial freedom, and connection to life through your hospitality business? Do you have the courage to step outside the role you and society have created for you and choose a new perspective on how you will interact with the world? How do you want to spend your free time, what’s your pasatiempo?

This post was written by Cori Hildebrandt.

Cori Hildebrandt

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