Boutique Experiences


At Volo, we LOVE working with smaller, more unique properties!   Do you envision starting a small B&B based on luxury, comfort and service?  Or maybe, you want to refine your existing vintage tree house experience?  Any which way, we’d love to work with you…

We help independent owners articulate a vision, enhance philosophy and create a better position within a niche market.  Or better yet, create one!  Boutique experiences are not cookie-cutter in terms of experience or even design, and they have distinct characteristics of their target market. We want to help you create a truly unique experience based on a lifestyle and elevated level of intimacy hard to find in an increasingly impersonal world.  When a customer walks in, we want them to see others who look like, think like and have common values as themselves!

We help you find (or improve upon) the right idea, design, destination and location as without all, a boutique experience will not succeed.  To Volo, the the keys to drive success with a boutique travel experience are as follows:

  • Defining the purpose and/or niche of the experience.
  • Developing a high-quality product created to appeal to an under-served clientele.
  • Conveying a clear, interesting message to the target market.
  • Not spending too much money during development!  We don’t want profitability difficult to achieve.

Volo can help in a variety of ways! From hourly touch-base calls where we articulate your vision to the overseeing the entire project (helping you plan and subsequently source aspects Volo doesn’t specialize in, i.e. construction and loans). Check out our packages available; if none of these options fit perfectly, we will work together to create a tailored package specifically for your business and budget through a 30 minute complementary session.