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Volo Hotel Consultants offer an array of services to help you drive profit, develop employees and build your brand strategy.

Training and Culture

Empowerment is the most under-served aspect of any hospitality organization. Innovation and differentiation is enabled through collaboration, talent management and effective leadership. Capabilities and leadership must be developed at every level and every opportunity to fully empower the talent on your team. Not only to drive immediate performance, but to maintain a productive and inspired culture for years to come.

There is nothing more toxic than a suppressed work environment with unclear, inconsistent and unappreciative leadership communication. This environment, which I have personally experienced, drives turnover, low morale and low productivity. Continual loss of valuable employee’s creates a drag on your profitability and the experience your organization can deliver to guests.

At Volo, we are passionate about empowering people (both full-time and seasonal). Together we will cultivate a strong culture through customized on-boarding and training programs (new hire and incumbent), develop effective communication skills at every level (presentation, written and daily interactions), and build trust.

We approach our projects with a framework that adjusts with each situation to achieve the objectives of the business, their assets and the market. We bring out managements participation to generate new ideas and strategies that are specific and unique to each hotel, not cookie-cutter.

Volo will help you create a comprehensive training program that attracts, retains, and motivates top talent. One that sets a bar in the industry.

Kris Getzie’s extensive history in corporate finance also enables her to partner with the management teams, specifically, to enhance financial literacy, develop business ownership and drive performance. Lackluster results to plan/budget rarely happen because managers don’t care; it’s because they don’t know how to assess their business and effectively address the low hanging fruit (and subsequently bigger issues). We love teaching business acumen and helping your organization achieve sustainable growth through financial empowerment.

Marketing & Branding

Your brand and marketing should be the foundational of your business and what will keep guests coming in the door.  It’s the ability to keep your hospitality and F&B concept at the top of mind, creating guest interaction, loyalty and recognition for everything you are doing well. What we offer our clients:

  • Product Development & Launch
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Brand Development
  • Digital Marketing & Social Media


Volo hotel consultants provide expert operational guidance to your on-site management team, to ensure your bottom line potential is maximized.

  • Market research
  • Analysis determining true position of your property within market
  • Oversee day-to-day operations with GM
  • Implement forecasting controls for effective Yield Management
  • Detailed monitoring of all operating expenses
  • Guest Satisfaction Tracking and Quality Assurance control programs
  • Diligently work to achieve levels above and beyond standards
  • Establish Preventative Maintenance programs & controls
  • Use all established resources available to maximize your revenue opportunities

Sales & Marketing Plan

Having the correct business model is the foundation to any successful hotel. Most often, sales teams fail to address the correct techniques in the best channels. Volo will deliver a full Sales and Marketing plan with the necessary tools that can be implemented immediately upon completion, for fast results. Our objectives include:

  • Comprehensive sales distribution channel analysis
  • Detailed six month or one year marketing plan
  • Setting realistic Monthly, Quarterly and Yearly top line goals
  • Mystery shopper tests

Website SEO Development & Management

The surge of mobile and tablet devices have dramatically changed the way guests interact with businesses. If you are not highly visible, and engaging, on the web you can quickly lose business to your competitors. Search Engine Optimization will elevate your presence on the web and promote your hotel to the fullest.

  • Analyze and determine you current web exposure
  • Identify strengths and weaknesses of your current presence
  • Implement proven solutions that will yield local and national exposure

Due to the expense, most hotels leave this task to a novice team member which provide no results. Our services will beat the competitors, are affordable and you will see fast results of direct bookings.


To really see what is going on in your business, you need an outside, objective expert. Our team can assess every aspect of you operation: from front of house and back office restaurant services, to personnel and purchasing to menu design and everything in between.

We assess and make recommendations on the level the matches your needs, to create the most effective plan. Our team will find ways to improve your operations by implementing systems and training to comprehensively understand what is working, and was isn’t.

Our deliverables are based on clear fact findings through qualitative and quantitative research to guide improvements and set your new standard.

  • Food & Menu Development
  • Bar Operations
  • Front of House Services
  • Back Office

Retail and Merchandising

Retail operations can draw a significant revenue for hotels. We have spent years within the fashion and outdoor retail spaces and love solving the challenges that come with the industry! We help our clients dial their assortment, pricing and promotion strategies as well as refine supplier management (both branded and private-label).  We focus on the below problematic areas to help our clients drive distinctive strategies and build internal structures to support their retail operations:

  • Buying: Teach the buying team how to elevate their hind-sighting and market analysis technique’s, drive white-space opportunity and optimize their assortment.
  • Operations: Help retailers improve customer service, drive transactions and basket sizes, attract and retain engaged employees, and improve leadership at all levels.
  • Supply chain management: Enhances the flow of goods from the supplier to shelf through better planning and implementation. Improvements in said area decrease costs, improve service levels, and optimize inventory management.
  • Sourcing optimization: Assists retailers in refining their supplier portfolio. This includes branded goods, private labels, and indirect purchasing through third parties. I help our clients solve sourcing challenges ranging from streamline the ordering processes to renegotiating contracts.
  • Multichannel: Fluid, compelling and consistent guest experiences, across all retail and hospitality channels, will increase sales directly (through e-mail) and indirectly (social media that generates traffic and brand presence). I work with my clients to develop a holistic approach to their digital experience.

Volo can help your organization through our numerous option available. Please contact us directly for more customized options that fit your specific needs and budget.