Vacation Rentals

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Are you struggling with booking your vacation rentals or disappointed with the returns from your management company? Or, maybe your are thinking about getting into the business and are not sure where to start? Many vacation rentals owners are successful but very busy people… You think you don’t have the time or experience to manage the home yourself, leaving an expensive property manager as the only option. We are vacation rental owner’s first and will teach you how to achieve financial success with a vacation rental (or more!) as we have first-hand experience with every secret we teach. With the right help, you can be on your way to full occupancy and cash flow.

The tourism industry is undergoing a great transformation and is the reason I shed a ‘nine-to-five’ corporate identity. Although I worked for amazing companies with exceptional talent, I wasn’t happy. I was overworked and incomplete. When I finally acknowledged the shortcomings in my life, I took a chance and purchased my first vacation rental property in Park City, Utah.

After profiting quickly, I knew this decision would forever change the trajectory of my life. I have since worked with many individuals cultivating a better life through ownership of vacation rentals, not unlike myself during transition, to premier resorts globally. I’d love to show you the way…

We can make the biggest financial impact if we begin our work together BEFORE you purchase, by helping you select an optimal location (if you aren’t set on one for personal reasons) and develop a dialed execution plan so you know exactly what to expect in terms of costs and returns.

If you already own a vacation rentals, there’s nothing to worry about! Volo can help you maximize your performance and R.O.I., regardless of your current situation. We help you evaluate your business, define your goals and develop strategies (with step-by-step guidance) to achieve the distinctive results you desire. Competition is increasing significantly within the vacation and furnished rental spaces, so it’s critical to differentiate your brand now and set your business up for sustained success.

Volo has numerous consulting packages and workshops available. If none of these options fit perfectly, we will work together to create a tailored package specifically for your business and budget through a 30 minute complementary session.

Volo has developed a transformational process that will make this a rewarding journey both emotionally and financially, saving you unnecessary stress. You deserve to be more profitable, have time back and enjoy life with the flexibility and freedom being a vacation rental owner can provide.


How Volo can help you:

  • Vision: Expand your vision of the furnished rental market within (and beyond) costly vacation locations.
  • Differentiate: Stay ahead of trends, build a solid hospitality brand and extend your rental season to 12 months!
  • Plan: Help you analyze your business, define goals and develop strategies for elevated performance.
  • Strategy: Teach YOU how to be successful! Increase occupancy, profits and exceed your goals with a new business approach.
  • Collaboration: Deep commitment to collaboration allows us to energize and build your abilities for sustained success.
  • Business Elevated: Advance your business with Volo’s tools, best practices and the latest industry knowledge.


We help consult clients for an hour (to help with small problems) to full-service packages. If you know you do not have the time to work with Volo to create a platform for elevated success, we can take over the reins! Kris has led multimillion dollar projects (in a variety of spaces) and is happy to develop your vacation rental business for you. Please let us know your situation and we’d be glad to help: